Audio-Technica U843R 3 Channel Multidirectional Boundary Microphone - Phantom Power Only

Audio-TechnicaSKU: U843R



Key Features
  • For Audio and Video Conferencing
  • 3 x Cardioid Condenser Elements
  • Customizable Coverage in Mono or Stereo
  • Cardioid, Omni & Figure-8 Polar Patterns

With three cardioid condenser elements in a single housing, the Audio-Technica phantom-powered U843R offers a remarkably versatile tool for surface-mount installations. It is ideal for a variety of video and audio conferencing applications, especially when used with an Audio-Technica automatic SmartMixer®. Levers on the microphone base allow easy reorientation of two elements to offer 360° or 300° coverage. Since elements can be powered and used individually or in any combination, further flexibility is easily achieved. For example, with two elements powered, the microphone can provide a figure-of-eight polar pattern; with a single element powered, the microphone functions as a standard cardioid boundary microphone. Installation and repositioning are extremely quick, thanks to four recessed pathways on the base of the microphone that enable the user to route the cable as required to accommodate any installation requirements; no tools or disassembly are needed. The microphone also offers Audio-Technica's innovative UniGuard® RFI-shielding technology.

In the Box

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