Savage Translum Backdrop Variety Pack (12 x 12" Sheets, White)

SavageSKU: TL1212-PK



Key Features
  • Six Sheets, Two of Each Kind
  • Heavyweight for Broadly Diffusing Light
  • Medium Weight Eliminates Most Shadows
  • Lightweight Preserves Some Contrast

Add versatility to your arsenal of backgrounds with this Translum Backdrop Variety Pack from Savage. This product is composed of six 12 x 12" white backdrop sheets, two for each grade of light diffusion. They are all professionally made with different types and thicknesses of plastic, and are intended to create a soft glow reminiscent of frosted glass. Plus, the sheets are easy to cut with scissors and are well-suited for making silhouettes.

With a classic design, the heavyweight backdrop features a thick styrene construction and can diffuse light over a large area, making it an ideal surface for most product shots. The medium weight is made of polypropylene and has a more balanced effect, eliminating most shadows while not absorbing as much light as the heavyweight fabric. As for the third option, the lightweight sheet is made of polyester and creates less diffusion than its counterparts, resulting in reduced light loss and increased contrast.

In the Box
  • Savage Translum Backdrop Variety Pack (12 x 12" Sheets, White)
  • 2 x Translum Heavyweight Sheets
  • 2 x Translum Medium Weight Sheets
  • 2 x Translum Lightweight Sheets

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