Azden MX-1 Mini Stereo to XLR-M Cable

AzdenSKU: MX-1



Key Features
  • 26" (66.04cm) in Length

The MX-1 AIRA Mix Performer is an 18-channel performance mixer with analog and digital connectivity, proprietary AIRA audio-MIDI USB capability, step-sequenced beat and master FX, plus transport and tempo control. The MX-1 brings together your synths, drum machines, loops, DAW tracks, and more into a single performance-optimized mixing instrument. It's an ideal piece for performing electronic musicians and producers.

Combining elements of a mixer, control surface, audio interface, and step-based effector, the MX-1 is designed to be the glue of your electronic music rig. In addition to acting as a mixer and global FX unit, the MX-1 can also function in control surface mode with DAW control, opening up even more production possibilities. With per-channel tone/filter knobs to control ten kinds of EQs, filters, and isolators, the MX-1 has a plethora of tools to better integrate every element of your production setup into your live rig.


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