Azden i-Coustics HX-Mi TRRS Mic & Headphone Cable for Smartphones & Tablets

AzdenSKU: HX-Mi



Key Features
  • Works with Smartphones and Tablets
  • Compatible with Current iPhones & iPads
  • Works with Galaxy S and Android Devices
  • Compatible with Most Recording Apps

The i-Coustics HX-Mi TRRS Mic & Headphone Cable for Smartphones & Tablets from Azden is a Y cable designed to make an Azden TRRS microphone compatible with various mobile devices. It can be used by plugging a microphone into the HX-Mi mic input and attaching the cable to the microphone/headphone jack of your device. Plug your headphones into the headphone input of the cable to listen to recordings.

The Y cable works with any device that has a TRRS jack, including iPhone 3, 4 and 5, iPad (3rd generation and newer), Samsung Galaxy S 3, 4 and 5, Galaxy Tab 3, and most Android devices. The headphones typically support playback of recordings and will not work to monitor the mic while recording, unless you use a recording app with that monitoring feature.

Additionally, the i-Coustics HX-Mi TRRS mic & headphone cable is compatible with the following products: Azden WR-PRO, WR32-PRO, 105UPR, 310UDR, 330UPR, SGM-990, SGM-DSLR, SMX-5, SMX-10, SMX-20, FMX-DSLR, FMX-22, FMX-32a, FMX-42, or FMX-42a microphones.

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