Hive Lighting Plasma 250 7' Octagonal Soft Box - Large

Hive LightingSKU: HIVE-8SBL



Key Features
  • Removable Front Face
  • Removable Internal Baffle
  • Accepts Grids

The 7' Large Octagonal Softbox for Wasp and Bee renders soft flattering light with manageable contrast when used on Wasp and Bee 1000 and 250 plasma lights. The large surface area of the softbox gives it a wrap-around quality of light especially when it is used close-up and it creates natural-looking catchlight reflections in the eyes which is of great value in portraiture. The softbox has a soft silver interior for high output as well as a removable front diffuser and a removable inner baffle to offer variations on contrast. The baffle has a unique graduated design to ensure edge-to-edge evenness. The softbox requires a speed ring and uses Hive WPP-8SR or BPF-8SR or any 6.5 or 6-5/8" eight-point speed ring made for Hive.

In the Box
  • HIVE LIGHTING Large Octagonal Softbox for Wasp and Bee (7')
  • Front Face
  • Internal Baffle
  • Carry Sack
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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