DJI Care Refresh for Ronin-S (1-Year, Download)

DJISKU: CP.QT.00002449.01

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Key Features
  • Up to 2 Replacements for a Small Charge
  • Covers Water, Impact, and Other Damages
  • Includes VIP Phone Technical Support

DJI Care Refresh for Ronin-Sensures up to two replacements of the gimbal within a year for a small additional charge, with free two-way shipping, if your gimbal gets damaged. At the time of the introduction of this plan, the additional charge is $59 for the first replacement and $69 for the second. Each replacement will either be new or like new in performance and reliability. Water, impact, and similar types of damage qualify for replacement.

After you send in your gimbal, DJI will assess the damage and then ship out a replacement. The plan also includes VIP after-sales phone technical support. Care Refresh is offered in the U.S., Canada, EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and mainland China. Shipping fees are covered only in the country or region where the Care Refresh is purchased.

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