Audio-Technica AT8628a Joining-Plate Kit for 2 Receivers

Audio-TechnicaSKU: AT8628A




Let's face it, you're not buying a wireless mic system so you can perform in your bedroom or basement. You need it so you can rock the stage in front of a crowd. Your system needs to be mobile, It needs to be protected, It needs to be racked! And while many of the Audio-Technica wireless systems have rack ears or rack mounts supplied you will probably need something that will rack 2 systems side by side. That's where the Audio-Technica AT8628a kit comes in. This is a complete joining-plate kit for the 4000 Series, 1400 Series and 1200 Series receivers. Allows mounting of two receivers in a single 19" rack space. Also mounts two AT-MX341a units.

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