Audio-Technica AT8459 Swivel-mount Microphone Clamp Adapter

Audio-TechnicaSKU: AT8459




With its all metal construction and infinite positioning possibilies, the Audio Technica AT8459 is a must have for studio or stage. Point that mic in any direction you want and tighten it up for a secure vantage point. No more fussing with the boom arm or stand. Get the overheads just right, position the room mics in a flash or get the right off axis rejection for micing the guitar amp. Also works great with boompoles and shockmounts for ENG or foley work.

In the Box
  • Audio-Technica Swivel-Mount Microphone Clamp Adapter AT8459
  • Microphone Clamp Adapter
  • One-Year Limited Warranty
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