Audio-Technica PRO 47T Cardioid Condenser Thread-Mount Gooseneck Microphone - 12.4 Inch Long

Audio-TechnicaSKU: AT-PRO47T



The Audio-Technica PRO47T Cardioid Condenser Thread-mount Gooseneck Microphone is a uni-directional (cardioid) condenser goose-neck microphone intended for conferences, houses of worship, industrial use and more. The microphone stands 12.40" above the mounting surface and features a miniature cardioid microphone.

Its cardioid pattern provides maximum gain before feedback and rejects un-wanted noise at the off axis sections of the microphone. The element is made to withstand sound pressure levels up to 134 dB, resulting in low distortion during loud signal peaks. The small-diameter goose-neck is easy to manipulate for proper positioning.

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