Heliopan 48mm KB3 (82C) Cooling Color Conversion Glass Filter SPECIAL ORDER

HeliopanSKU: 704821




With about twice the correcting effect of the KB1.5 (82A) filter, the Heliopan 48mm KB3 Cooling Color Conversion Glass Filter removes the orange-red color cast that appears on photographs made on tungsten reversal film with artificial lights using 100-200 Watt bulbs, or from aged photoflood lamps. Therefore, this filter is ideal for neutral color reproduction with appropriate illumination.

Heliopan Lichtfilter-Technik of Munich, Germany, has changed their black anodized brass filter rings on most Heliopan non-rotating filters to their "slim" mounts. These slim mounts are made of black anodized brass stock and have so little rim in front of the lens (5.4mm) that they will not vignette with lenses as short as 21mm.

Heliopan offers a wide selection of sizes, screw-in, series, bayonet, square and rectangular filters including digital, video, center weighted, graduated, wide angle, Kaesmann polarizers, drop-in polarizers, etc.

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