Polaroid Originals 8 x 10" Color Instant Film (10 Exposures)

PolaroidSKU: 004680




Key Features

  • For 8 x 10" View Cameras
  • Requires Polaroid Holder & Processor
  • Silver Frame
  • Image Area: 8 x 10"


A unique instant film for the large format photographer, this 10-sheet pack of 8 x 10" Color Instant Film from Polaroid Originals is a peel-apart film characterized by a rich and deep, yet balanced color palette with natural tonality and a high degree of sharpness and detail. Use of this film requires separate Polaroid 8 x 10" film holders, which are compatible with traditional 8 x 10" view cameras, and an 8 x 10" Polaroid instant film processor for producing an image in 10-15 minutes. The film features a glossy surface finish, has a nominal sensitivity of ISO 640, and should be stored in a cool, refrigerated, but not frozen, place before use.

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