Polaroid Originals OneStep Lens Filter Set

PolaroidSKU: 4690



Key Features
  • For OneStep2 and OneStep+ Cameras
  • Red, Orange, and Yellow Color Filters
  • Prism and Starburst Filters
  • Slip-On Attachment

Increase your creative potential with the OneStep Lens Filter Set from Polaroid Originals, which includes five separate filters to add fun and colorful effects to your instant film photos. Designed for use with OneStep2 and OneStep+ cameras, these dedicated filters have an easy slip-on design for quickly switching between looks.

Red, orange, and yellow color filters add an overall burst of warmth to your images for a colorful, tinted appearance. The prism filter produces a kaleidoscope look with "triple vision" for a fun, disorienting effect, and the starburst filter accentuates point light sources and turns them into multiple-pointed starbursts.

In the Box

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