Moza MIRFAK Moin Micro LED Photo and Video Light

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Key Features
  • Bright Micro LED Light
  • 3200-5600K Adjustable Color Temperature
  • CRI/TLCI ± 90
  • Up to 560-Lumen Brightness

Mirfak is the brightest star in the constellation Perseus, which aptly characterizes this tiny but powerful Mirfak Moin Micro LED Photo and Video Light. With a variable color temperature range of 3200 to 5600K and a maximum brightness of 560 lumens, this tiny 1.6" cube can light your video or photographic scene with ease.

The Moin features a CRI/TLCI rating of ± 90, which reflects accurate color rendering. It is also rated IP68 waterproof up to 32.8'. Mounting options include a 1/4"-20 thread and a magnet interface that allows you to attach the camera to a metal surface such as the back of a smartphone. The magnet doubles as a 5V, 2A charging port, which allows you to charge the built-in 800mAh Li-ion battery using the included USB cable. The battery lasts approximately two hours at 100% brightness and up to 10 hours at 2% brightness.

The Moin also supports Bluetooth and can be controlled by the Moin smartphone app for iPhone and Android. The app allows you to adjust brightness, color temperature, and strobing, and schedule on/off times. Also included with the Moin are a white diffusion filter and a filter adapter ring.

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