Kupo Short 3-Section Wind-Up Stand

KupoSKU: KS403512




This Short 3-Section Wind-Up Stand from Kupo is a crank stand made from a combination of stainless and chrome-plated steel designed for single-user operation. The geared column and crank provide mechanically assisted lift that allows you to confidently lift equipment weighing as much as 66 lb to heights up to 103" using only one hand.

For safety, this stand features a built-in self-locking mechanism that keeps the center column from descending unexpectedly. Weighing 40.81 lb with a footprint diameter of 50.4", this stand's footing is secure while elevating heavy equipment. In preparation for transportation. It collapses to a length of 59.84" and the crank handle folds up to make the stand more portable.

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