Kupo Open-Frame White Double Bobbinette Scrim (18 x 24")

KupoSKU: KG094612




A staple of any video or film shoot, the 18 x 24" Open-Frame White Double Bobbinette Scrim from Kupo is commonly attached to a grip head on a C-stand (via its 9.5mm pin) to lower contrast. The scrim employs a steel frame open at one of the long sides to allow for a clean shadowless cut, as well as an integrated handle for easy gripping. This type of scrim employs a hexagonal weave fabric that cuts the intensity of the light source while offering a diffused, somewhat gauzy output that accentuates whites and other light colors. The White Bobbinette can also be doubled or tripled to further reduce light transmission without affecting color temperature. The edges of the scrims are color coded for easy identification—green is a single scrim, while red is a double scrim.

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