Kupo KG011011 23.6" Tether Arm Dual Mount (Black)

KupoSKU: KG011011




The black KG011011 Tether Arm Dual Mount from Kupo is a 23.6" cross arm that can be used to adapt multiple devices to a single tripod or stand. Along the length of this tether arm dual mount are three sliding clamps. The center clamp's accessory thread allows for direct attachment to a tripod, stand, or support device that features a 3/8"-16 mount, while the additional clamps on either side of the center clamp each have mounts that can accommodate a tripod head or device with a 3/8"-16 accessory thread. Additionally, each end of this tether arm dual mount includes a side-facing 3/8"-16 mount as well.

Each of the sliding clamps includes a control handle as well as an integrated thumbwheel. The control handles can be loosened or tightened to enable or restrict sliding movements. When two clamps, including the center clamp are fully pushed against one end of the tether arm dual mount, the remaining side clamp can be moved up to 15.1". Both the side clamps have a maximum range of up to 11.3" if the center clamp is first locked at the middle of the tether arm dual mount.

Turning a side clamp's thumbwheel allows its 3/8"-16 mount to rotate and thread directly into a compatible tripod head or device. This feature helps to ensure that any items installed on the side clamps are fully secured and pointed in the desired direction. Similarly, the center clamp's own thumbwheel allows the Tether Arm to attach to a tripod, stand, or support device without having to rotate the entire cross arm.

After this tether arm dual mount is attached to a tripod or stand, the three sliding clamps can be used in combination with each other to create a configuration of two parallel cameras, or a single camera that is connected to a laptop for tethered photography. To provide a surface for the laptop, a separately-available Kupo KG007312 Tethermate Laptop Platform can be attached to either of the sliding side clamps. A camera that is instead placed on a tripod head at either of the side-facing 3/8"-16 end mounts can be positioned perpendicular to the tripod or stand which the tether arm dual mount is attached to. The camera can then be extended past the tripod or stand's legs, which is particularly useful for copy stand or macro photography of subjects below the camera lens.

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