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Key Features

Rigid, Dust & Waterproof Case
Impact and Corrosion Resistant
Ergonomic, Fold-Away Carry Handles
Two Side Handles, One Lid Handle


The black/blue 4300 Resin Case without Foam from HPRC provides up to 23 x 12.6 x 12.2" of capacity and is designed to protect its contents from impacts, moisture, dirt, or corrosion. It features three handles, a lid handle for one-handed use with easily carried loads, as well as two side handles to safely lift and hold heavier loads. Utilizing a polypropylene, fiberglass, rubber, and stainless steel construction, the HPRC 4300 Resin Case is ATA 300, IP67, STANAG 4280, and DS 81-41 complaint. When closed, this case's interior is fully sealed from dust, as well as water from 5.9" to 3.3' deep, while providing long-lasting resistance to wear-and-tear.

Each of the HPRC 4300 Resin Case's ergonomic, carry handles can be folded downward, helping to reduce the amount of space it occupies. Four molded feet elevate the HPRC 4300 Resin Case's base, protecting it from wet and abrasive surfaces. While its lid faces upward, the case's interior can be reached by opening its four, double-hinged latches. The base and lid are joined by a pair of heavy-duty hinges, while the latches' design prevents the HPRC 4300 Resin Case from accidentally opening due to bumps or shocks when in transit.

Both the base and lid include a pair of shackle eyelets that align when closing the HPRC 4300 Resin Case. Two separately available padlocks with 1/4" diameter shackles can then be installed for enhanced security. While closed, a built-in valve automatically equalizes air pressure between the interior and exterior of the case. This pressure valve is water-resistant and further prevents the HPRC 4300 Resin Case from accidentally opening during air travel or when moving from areas of low altitude to high altitude.

In the Box

HPRC 4300 Resin Case without Foam (Black/Blue)
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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