Hive Lighting Hive Honey Omni-Color Beauty Mirror




Key Features
  • For Photographers & Makeup/FX Artists
  • LED Lights Surround the Mirror
  • Reproduces Any Color in the Spectrum
  • Color Temperature Changed by Manual Knob

Have your models or actors looking flawless before a shoot with the Honey Omni-Color Beauty Mirror from HIVE LIGHTING. The LED lights surrounding the mirror can reproduce any color in the visible spectrum, and the color temperature is changed by a manual knob or via the S.H.O.T. app, which can be downloaded to your smartphone. Photographers, makeup artists, and FX artists find it to be a nice addition to their studios because of its bright and even illumination, especially when working on a model's makeup before a shoot or an actor's special effects makeup before going on set.

In the Box
  • HIVE LIGHTING Honey Omni-Color Beauty Mirror
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

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