Hive Lighting BUMBLE BEE 25-CX Par Spot Omni-Color LED Light w/ Barndoors and Power Supply

Hive LightingSKU: HIVE-BBLS25C-PS



Key Features
  • Measures Just 2.5 x 4", Weighs 1 lb
  • Omni-Color LEDs: 1650-8000K
  • 360° Hue, 0-100% Saturation
  • 0-100% Dimming

With the introduction of the Bumble Bee 25-C PAR Spot with Barndoors Omni-Color LED Light, Hive offers a miniaturized version of the C-line with all the color control features of the full-size fixtures. First of all, at 2.5" with a diameter of 4" it's a really small light and at 1 lb, it's ideal for hanging or for squirreling into tight spaces. This version of the light has a high-output reflector for long throw work. It also comes with four-way barndoors to further shape and control the beam for selective lighting.

Control is the key word in the construction of the 25-C. Hive uses what they call Perfect S.H.O.T controls, which is an umbrella term for complete control and adjustment of every aspect of light output. Part of the success of the system is due to the use of five LED chip blending. Instead of the traditional three colors, Hive uses Red, Amber, Lime, Cyan, and Sapphire for nearly infinite color combinations with a high CRI/TLCI rating of 98 and 97. Color can be adjusted from a very warm amber 1650K to an icy blue 8000K. But control doesn't stop there. There's 360-degree hue adjustment around the color wheel as well as 0-100% saturation control. The 25-C can also be dimmed from 0-100%. While of course you can make all of these adjustments manually, you can also make them remotely via your smartphone or onboard wired or wireless DMX. Thanks to its 100-240 VAC power supply, the 25-C is ready for worldwide use, but it will also run on optional batteries when mains power is unavailable.

In the Box
  • HIVE LIGHTING Bumble Bee 25-C PAR Spot with Barndoors Omni-Color LED Light
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

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