Audio-Technica ATCS-60MIC Double-Gooseneck Hypercardioid Condenser Dedicated Microphone for ATCS-60 IR Conference System

Audio-TechnicaSKU: ATCS-60MIC




The Audio-Technica ATCS-60MIC microphone for the ATCS-60 Infrared Discussion System. These new dual gooseneck and suspension microphones effectively reduce unwanted noise and vibration caused by the movement of chairs, tables, and footsteps. The microphones are available in two lengths: the standard length is suitable for conferences, the longer length is ideal for seminars for example. Specially designed and created for use with the Audio-Technica ATCS-60 infrared conference system. Possibility of automatic activation upon voice detection. Double gooseneck microphone equipped with a hypercardioid capsule. Effectively reduces unwanted noise caused by moving furniture/fidgeting etc as well as vibration movements. LED ring light which indicates the status of the microphone. It stays on during the speech and flashes when awaiting speech, or in case of low battery. With its highly flexible and robust design, it adopts and maintains the desired shape. The ATCS-60MIC gooseneck microphone provides uncompromising sound quality.

The ATCS-60 infrared discussion system offers all the advantages of infrared communication complete with wireless transceiver microphone units. Wireless infrared technology provides the user with greater flexibility while configuring the system and freedom of choice when placing microphones. From intimate meetings to large boardrooms and events, the ATCS-60 will adapt to meet your needs.

Additional features include four selectable channels for multi-language conferences and an automated camera function facilitating audio visual integration.

The option of software control is also available, with the user able to adjust camera position, facilitate audio recording and adjust microphone settings from "Conference Manager" software. Tabletop delegate microphone stations can be now augmented with handheld and lavalier microphones for greater flexibility.

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