Audio-Technica AT8416 Shock Mount

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The Audio-Technica AT8416 shock mount effectively isolates mounted microphones from impact vibration and shock handling noise. It is intended for use with microphones mounted on lecterns, pulpits, conference tables and similar surfaces. Designed especially for UniPoint gooseneck microphones, it may be used with other lightweight microphones as well.

The use of a shock mount is particularly important in any application where wide-range sound equipment is used, and where highlevel low-frequency sounds can be expected.

The AT8416 shock mount system utilizes two oversize chloroprene rings, similar to rubber bands. The rings are mounted transversely. An aluminum mounting stud with 5/8"-27 threads is held in the central cavity formed by the opposing bands, thereby "floating" the shock mount assembly, and isolating it from mechanical coupling to the resonating surface. A slot is provided in the mounting flange to allow a small-diameter cable to pass down the mounting hole. A cable channel secures the cable in the flush mount assembly and helps to further deaden the transmission of vibration.

When properly installed, the AT8416 isolates the microphone from contact with the mounting surface, and eliminates pickup of low-frequency
resonances caused by mechanical coupling. This generally allows higher sound reinforcement levels and higher gain-before-feedback.

In the Box
  • Audio-Technica Shock Mount for Gooseneck Microphones
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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